If it wasn’t for Jim I would’ve never been able to buy this house one year ago my credit score was a 499 one year later it was a 650 Jim put down procedures that I needed to do in able to prepare myself to buy a home I cannot be any more happier. I am multiple tour veteran and I can honestly say Jim knows how to take care of veterans and understands what we need! I highly recommend Vet Your Credit services for credit repair and Counsel Mortgage Group for VA loans.

Joseph Meola

I was in the market for a new home and after going through many lenders who could not perform before, I met Jim Moore. I consider Jim Moore as the Lender King. He can make any situation possible. He was very thorough with the process, and I was able to close. He even allowed me to purchase new appliances for my home. Jim definitely has a heart for veterans. Thank you Jim for all that you’ve done! I definitely appreciate your hard work and patience with me.

Meloniece Gaskin

“When I first came to Vet Your Credit it seems welcoming, like I belonged here. Finding out that everybody that works here is a veteran just like me, was very calming. Letting myself know that I’m in good hands.

Ted Tanaka

“We ended up getting creditors settled and then a month later, I was in a home.  He’s great negotiating with other creditors.

Lawrence Powell Jr

“Before I was paying $1300 for my mortgage. My payment went down to $848, my interest dropped three or four points,  and my credit score went up. That was Jim at his finest.

Darrell Fitch

“He knows his job and he knows more than one avenue on how to approach it. I may have thought my situation was so unique that maybe it was going to be a little more difficult for him to try to come up with a plan for me. Just tell him everything and he’s going to bring it all in and come back with a plan regardless.

William Taylor

“When we decided to get a house.  I thought lets get it to Jim.  Nobody else I even thought about going to.  Were rangers, we take care of each other.

Johnny Ringo

“Jim helped me get my credit built back up and he got me approved within two days.  I’d recommend him to any vet, because he’s solid.

Steven Lee Von Alman

“The very first time that I called Jim he was able to meet me that very same day. Jim scrubbed my credit score for me. I get an email that gave me a whole list to fix, as there was no guessing of what I needed to do. He was able to bring my mortgage payment down from $1500 to $1300.

Le-Tinla Bedell

Diane Galvan

My experience with Mr. Jim Moore has been beyond excellent. My life was a complete financial mess. My husband was an Army Veteran who passed away. To have such an amazing Veteran like Jim help me with my credit issues and my mortgage loan has been a gift! I highly recommend Mr. Jim Moore and Counsel Mortgage Group to all veterans in need of credit improvement to purchase or refinance a home. If I could give him six stars I would. His team at Vet Your Credit is always ready to go above and beyond to help everyone especially veterans and their spouses.

G Ruggiero

I have personally used Counsel Mortgage Group 3 times over the last 4 years to refi my existing VA home loans. The service is excellent and timely. And, despite what some other negative reviewers have stated, Mr. Jim Moore is one of the most caring and efficient Loan Originators out there! His knowledge of the mortgage loan industry is extensive.

As a Vietnam Veteran he truly understands the needs of veterans; as long as you provide all of the documentation requested or address the credit repair items he identifies in a timely manner he can/will go above and beyond to make sure he secures the best loan possible for all of his clients!

I highly recommend his free credit counseling service with Vet Credit to veterans who would like to purchase a home, but who may need help to fix their credit to achieve the requirements needed for a VA Home Loan.

Steven VonAlman

I have been looking for home and I have been turned down by about 12 lenders. i was referred to Vet Your Credit. they got my credit improved and got me Financed with a VA Home Loan. They stand by their word on “Helping Vets get approved”.